My bladder cancer battle

So I have good news.  My 25 radiation treatments  and my 5 chemo treatments are finished.  Cat scan results yesterday as follows. Tumor is still present but it has loosened up considerably (The doctor used a word for this that I don’t recall what it was)  In other words, the density is much less, it seems to be breaking up.   Also, all other traces of cancer in bladder are gone, and there is no trace of it spreading.  Lymphs are negative (perhaps they always were)

Now  – after a much needed week off – I’ll take another 8 radiation treatments, but unlike the first round which was aimed to the entire bladder and surrounding region- this round will be pinpointed to the tumor itself, and will be much lghter according to the doctor.  Also tomorrow I see the oncologist to schedule 2 more chemo treatments – lighter as well, I hope.  Outside of a complete recovery it’s the best news I can hear.  The radiation is having a positive effect, it’s working.

A word on side effects –  painful burning during urination , and frequent, getting up as much as every hour during the night – as if the reservoir shrunk.   Bowel irregularites – and extreme fatigue – not at first but cumulatively as the treatments continue.  Even mowing the lawn can wipe you out.

Small price to pay for the news I heard today.

Mike_A Author