My bladder cancer battle

Nov. 2001 –  Polyps was the diagnosis, 2 small ones.  laser treatment
Nov. 2004 – superficial bladder cancer – laser treatment – followed by BCG regiment # 1
2005 – 2006 – recurring superficial cancer – 3 sectionings performed by Urological surgeon, BCG regiment # 2, and Interferon regiment #1.
Oct. 2006 – 4th sectioning begun and terminated (too much cancer in bladder) – I agree (reluctantly) to Cystectomy.
Nov. 2006 – Urologist decides against  surgery (sees abnormaility in lymphs) refers me to Oncologist for Chemotherapy.
Dec. 2006 – Begin heavy Chemotherapy   ( 9 hour sessions), three drugs used,)
March 2007 – Halfway through Chemo regiment, Cat scan reveals that Cancer is not shrinking, not growing, but not shrinking either.  Oncologist refers me back to Urologist who performs biopsy.  Low grade cancer persistent.  
April 2007 – Visited a Radiological Oncologist recommended by both Oncologist and Urologist, and agreed to radiation treatment which will begin next week.  Plan is 4 to 5 weeks of radiation mixed with a secondary chemotherapy, to see if progress is made.  If yes, treatment will continue, if not, cystectomy is only resource open.

A couple of things:  The doctors cannot determine if the small abnormality in my Lymphs is cancer or simply swollen scar tissue from all the abuse my bladder has taken.  A biopsy there is impractical due to having to go through some organs to get to it.  Also. pet scan showed negative, but the pet scan also showed negative for my bladder which definitely contains cancer.  

My family wishes I would just succomb to the cystectomy, but the fact that the cancer is 1 – still low grade,  2-may not be outside the bladder, and 3 – should not grow while I’m under radiation treatment, has led me to try this option.  

Am I just delaying the inevitable, at risk to my life??  Your opinions are welcome.

I should add that I’m 57 years old in in otherwise reasonable health

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