My Bladder Cancer Journey Blog

I was diagnosed in July of 2006 and have had two TURBT and I’ve just finished 6 BCG instillations.  I’m waiting until March 2007 when I’ll have biopsies and results.

After the first operation I sent out e-mails to my friends and one of them suggested that I start putting these messages and thoughts into a blog.  Rather than copy all that into the bladder café forum storyboards, may I invite you to drop in and see the blog at some time?  In certain places it is not for the squeamish and in other places I have no doubt it is pretty boring and mundane stuff.  I have tried throughout to say what actually happened to me within the lines of common decency and without too many expletives.

I find it very therapeutic writing it and helps me get things off of my chest.  It is anonymous (as is my membership here) for the moment.  I hope that will change in the New Year.

The blog opens up at the latest post and so to read things chronologically you have to use the menu on the right hand side.

the Blog can be viewed here [url][/url].  

I hope that you enjoy reading it.  Best wishes to everyone on the Bladder Cancer WebCafe.

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