My Dad part three

All seems to be going well. After a long haul of anti-biotics, intravenous feeding and physiotherapy, Dad has beaten the wound infection, the chest infection and has managed to have 'movement' in his bowels. We are definately going to have a poo party now!

He is now on limited food intake (jelly) with tiny sips of tea. They are keeping the intravenous feeding going as well. Last night he was laughing and even better, having a moan! Dad loves a good old moan. 

Today (day 15) I rang the hospital to check how he is doing  -I am now back up North. The Staff Nurse said he had seen Mr Carr the consultant this morning and that he hasn't turned the corner yet but is progressing well. He was sick in the night but hasn't been sick today and the nursing team are going to continue with the limited feeding. Like she said, it's small steps one at a time.