My Husband’s Story – Possible link between drug actos and bladder cancer

My husband has bladder cancer and is on the drug actos. As you may know, the FDA is investigating a possible link. His bladder cancer is Stage I, and he has been free of cancer for one year and will go for a checkup soon. I have written an article for a website about the FDA and about his story.  We may never know if the drug caused his bladder cancer. Cancer does not run in his family.

In July 2011, the FDA authorized a warning on Actos that it may cause bladder cancer. My husband is still in remission but now feels that the Actos probably caused his cancer. He was on it for four years. The study showed that the longer a patient is on Actos, the more likely bladder cancer might occur. Actos and Bladder Cancer – Definite Link  is the article about his bladder cancer and Actos.

Audrey Selig Author