My Story


Sorry havent been thinking too much about this forun, been too busy feeling like I already died and thought I was in hell(it was just the Kids playing the Wife up). No seriously(Note that I can now be a bit lighthearted), been nearly 3 months since I had the neobladder  surgery and I must say that the surgeon has done an astounding job. The new Bladder  works 95% like the old one and I am dry at night(mostly). Unfortunately they was a few cancer cells detected in one of the lymph nodes that was removed so apparently the recurrence of the cancer is still 50/50.
Just for those interested I had the operation on the 18th July and was in for 3 weeks, I healed really quickly but my bowels went on strike for longer than expected (oh Joy).
God Bless anemas and why didnt anyone tell me that trapped wind(my small intestine ended up the same size as my large intestine) feels like someone is trying to squeeze the last bit of life out of you.
On a similar note surely the insertion of an NG tube into a live and awake patient must be contrary to some sort of Human rights act and be considered as an act of extreme cruelty, fortunately the relief it brings is instant and makes it all worth while(nearly).

Anyway its chemo next week and I feel that maybe I am winning the battle.

I will try  and put some more regular updates on this forum (especially if I spot an erection!)

The best treatment for cancer is a loving wife and far too many children, I have both so I am on a winner.

Peter Author