My story of Bladder Cancer

I heard a really good story of a bladder cancer outcome today and wanted to share it here.

When I was diagnosed last January, a childhood friend of mine called me and told me about her brother who had Bladder Cancer 10 years ago.  She said that the Doctor told him that he had the largest tumor he had ever seen.  She told me that the cancer had never come back.

By chance, he called the office today, and I briefly spoke with him and his wife.  He had his 10 year check up and CANCER FREE.  His wife told me that the doctor told him that he wouldn’t have given him a nickel for his chances of 10 year return visit [b]CANCER FREE.[/b]  

That is my understanding of what they told me.  

(It’s hard to chit chat in an office.)…  :-X

Rosemary Author