My tretment with interferon after BCG failure

 I can give you the names of the products but I might sugest you see a herbilis docter. I think the people taht sel it might require this. And I again am not saying this is what did it for me. I had a lot of people suporting me and I beleave in God as a higher power. This is it brand name Medi-herb  tuna omega, shatake ganoderma, astragus complex,vitonax,Boswella complex, encinaccea premium, cranberry complex, chlorophyii complex  I do not know waht nay of them some are just for good health and amune system streth. I want to say i am not recomending this to anyone it is waht I did, I want to press the issue you get herbalistic docters help. By the way my reg docs I seen could not have caredless one way or anther. They jsut blew it off.  Again my spelling sucksDon

skypilot Author