Number Four Brought Cramps And Chills

Treatment #4 went ok last week. The doctor says they will get worse but I really have not had real problems. Usually the day after I am sore in the abdomen and get worn out by days end. the next day is better. I get a case of the chills one or two evenings after each teatment. I grab a quilt or blanket to wrap up in for a while until I get warmed up. Other than that…no big problems. Treatment #5…bring it on.

I met with the Nephrologist last week before I went for the BCG treatment. He says it looks like I have Stage II kidney failure most likely from the diabetes. Even though my diabetes is very well controlled and my A1C is about 5.7, I am still diabetic with all the rights and priveleges that brings (ie, kidney damage, liver damage, changing eyesight, etc). The doc says we will just monitor the kidneys a couple times a year and not to worry in the meantime. That was a relief! The anemia is a result of "Anemia of Chronic Disease". Not much to be done for it unless they come up with a cure for cancer and diabetes. I still say I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Earl Vaughn Author