Papillary Transitional Cell Carcinoma, Grade 1, no

Papillary Transitional Cell Carcinoma, Grade 1, non invasive

04/05 Treated w/ antibotic for first ever urine infection
6/01/05 Urine test shows no bacteria/no blood
6/15/05 Visible blood in the urine after a strenuous workout.
6/21/05 CT scan/cystocope – shows tumors on bladder
6/27/05 TURB performed, Dr. indicates tumors removed. I have low grade cancer, see him in 6 weeks for follow up cystoscope – pathology report states papillary tansitional cell carcinoma, grade 1, non invasive – no muscularis propria seen. Dr. requests I come back in 6 weeks for follow up cystoscope – I did as he requested – took the afternoon off of work went for first cystoscope after the TURB, Dr. informs me…..after looking at your pathology report again I’ve decided it is best to do a cystoscope with a deep tissue biopsy in the hospital. I was quite surprised.

9/2/05 deep bladder biopsy performed – pathology report indicates bladder, left trigone, biopsy-bladder mucosa w/chronic inflammation – bladder, left lateral wall biopsy: low grade papillary trnsitional cell carcinoma, non invasive.

9/8/05 dr called to tell me good news…small tumor was removed – I ask what is causing chronic inflammation – his response: everyone heals differently.

9/9/05 Awaiting second opinion

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