Phil Sullivan

Green Bay Wisconsin

Phil Sullivan, beloved husband of Lana Alieva and father to Meegan, Ryan and Stacy, died of bladder cancer at the age of 49.

After Phil underwent bladder removal for an invasive tumor and received a neobladder in February 2000, pathology showed node involvement which put him at stage IV. Treatment with Carboplatin/Taxol followed. Treatment failure occurred in March 2001 when there was recurrence in lungs and nodes. Treatment changed to Gemzar/Taxotere which failed in June, 2001. MVAC started, with . MVAC gives stable disease till end of Aug. Neupogen, a Cox II inhibitor and steroids are added. Cisplatin is stopped due to toxicity, continued with MVA. Sept 2001, spread to leg and hip bones found, radiation followed. Nov 2001-treatment was changed to Herceptin and Vinblastine with some tumor shrinkage. In December more metastases discovered in the spine and brain, radiation given to treat siezures and paralysis with some relief.

Phil died at home January 11. Lana Alieva, his wife of almost 8 years, struggled to work full time while also caring for Phil during his fierce, 2 year fight with bladder cancer. Lana, a Russian immigrant, will remain in the US joined by her parents, who will offer support to Lana and Stacy, her daughter with Phil, as they deal with their terrible loss.

Phil was a sincere, kind man with a strong sense of loyalty and committment. Once the environmental planner for the city of Oregon, after Phil’s return to Wisconsin he volunteered his time and talents with ‘Habitat for Humanity’ and the Humane Society. Phil also believed a democracy cannot function without citizen participation. He was very active and involved in shaping a healthy environment for his children and future generations.

Philip’s fondest hope and dream was for peace on earth.

As a member of Bladder Cancer Cafe, Phil left a deep impression on fellow members, who will never forget his strong will to live, his upbeat messages and support to others, his kindness, his courage, and most of all his love for his wife Lana.

Phil will be missed by all of us.