Radiculopathy Treatment

Radiculopathy is pain caused by a compression or damage of nerves in the spine, neck, chest area, or lower back. The compression or damage occurs as a result of too much pressure being applied to the nerve by a variety of mechanical irritants. Although the nervous system is often able to repair itself, medical treatment methods can help the nerves to recover and heal from radiculopathy. Palm Beach offers spine institutes that specialize in the treatment of radiculopathy.

Doctors at Palm Beach spine institutes will evaluate a patient first to see if he or she suffers from radiculopathy.  X-rays or MRIs may be taken for diagnosis, along with a history of the patient's health and a physical exam. If radiculopathy is diagnosed, the doctors will use minimally invasive, modern techniques to correct the pain-provoking process. With radiculopthy treatment Palm Beach doctors can fix the cause of radiculopathy, and re-injury or nerve irritation won't recur after the pain resolves.

Using several new high tech radiculopathy treatments Palm Beach spine institutes' doctors are treating patients who suffer from it. These treatments are non-surgical and minimally invasive. They are performed on an out-patient basis in the facilities. Drugs are not used in the treatments, nor are they needed. Patients who are currently on pain medications are successfully weaned off of them after treatments.

These treatments are part of a new area of medicine known as pain medicine, a rapidly evolving medical specialty that deals with acute and chronic pain problems. Thanks to the advances in radiculopathy treatment Palm Beach doctors have been able to identify and study many chemical and anatomic pain pathways over the last twenty years. Recent advances in technology, new techniques, and minimally invasive procedures in interventional pain medicine have eliminated the sources of pain.  With the advances in radiculopathy treatment Palm Beach doctors have given their patients back their lives.

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