Second BCG Down

I had my second BCG treatment this past Wednesday. The doctor said the chills I experienced a couple different times were most likely due to the BCG. I have not had any chills this time but some very slight nauseau. Who knows why? I am still very tired and get winded with the least exertion. I am sure this is from the anemia. I saw a nephrologist last monday. He believes my kidney damage is more like stage I or maybe stage II. I am to have some additional labs doen for him on Monday this week. and perhaps he can give me something that will fortify my blood. I really am tired of being tired.

 My sincerest thanks to those of you who have written kind comments. I am really doing well all things considered and expect to come through this just fine. To those of you just getting ready to start BCG…my own experience thus far has not been bad. You can do it!

Big Earl

Earl Vaughn Author