Seeking Those With BCG Experience

Hi All,

My BC journey started with an upper tract diagnosis and a nephrouterectomy in April 2007 (pathology report of Stage I, Grade III). I went to MD Anderson in Houston for a second opinion in late October 2008, after multiple recurrences of superficial BC and TUR's (pathology report of Ta, Grade III in August 2008). I think I met with some highly knowledgable physicians at MDA, and learned a lot, but did not care for the treatment I received; everything took forever, and they were not gentle on my body. I came back with a recommendation of BCG treatment, which I started today (actually BCG + Interferon) at my local Uro Clinic. So far, it seems benign, but it was only my first dose.

 I'm wondering about similar experiences with recurrent, high grade BC and your successes or failures with it over time. My surgeon said it could buy me "years", but that I was very likely to need a cystectomy at some point in the future. I dread having this done due to the trauma of the surgery and recovery, and, my extremely active lifestyle (citizen athlete in x-country skiing and trail running events, mountain climbing, long distance hiking, sea kayaking, etc.).

 I'm female, 53 years old.

 Thanks for your help.