Stage TA Grade I/III

Stage TA Grade I/III

Saw blood and flecks in urine. GP placed me on antibiotics for week went back still had blood. Sent to Urologist. Ran IVP, CT Scan, chest xrays more blood tests. Saw thickening on bladder wall. Scheduled cystocope the following week. Saw small tumor. Scheduled for TURB Thanksgiving week told him no way family was going to ocean for the holiday was not going to walk around with catheter all holiday. Scheduled for the following week. Removed tumor had catheter in for seven days (loads of fun). Began 6 week BCG two weeks after TURB. Felt lousy and tired most of the time with back ache to boot. March 5th had biopsy done no tumors or cancer cell. Will start with preventative BCG in April.

3 BCG in April. Lots of burning when urinating and loads of hematuria with globs of lining first day of each treatment. Got thru it. Have to go back for cysto July 8th. We will see if I have been blessed. Also 6 months and not one cigarette. Hip Hip Horray ! Was that hard on my family or what.

Had my second cysto today (07/12/02) no sign of the devil. The Doc said I was lucky. I didn’t want to ask him what he meant. Just keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t come back.

Had cysto yesterday 11/13/02 all clear. Hurray !
Next cysto in February then in March BCG again.Bummer

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