Story of bladder cancer odessy by Rocky

Hi everyone, thank you all for caring. Joes lymphoma is stage two , confined to the groin area, He had his first chemo mon and is very tired , tonight he threw up for the first time, so now I guess it will be about getting into a new way of living for awhile.
    We got some very bad news on Mon morning . Our nephew Jimmy who was 36 died. Jimmy was on blood thinners and fell down the steps carring a load of clothes. He hit his head ,they got him to the hospital but couldn't save him , he bled into his brain. Jimmy leaves behind his wife 6 year old daughter and 2 year old son. Joes to sick for us to go to the funeral and I cant't leave him. The burial will be right down the road from our house so we might be able to make it there. He is my sister in laws only child. Joe has a very good chance of living but there are no more chances for Jimmy. He was such a loving involved father , I just can't believe this happened.  We all worry about our cancer but I think we forget about the simple things that can take our lives so quickly. None of us are promised tomorrow are we. I will go now my heart is so heavy, God bless you all I hope you all are feeling ok. love from Rocky

Rockyiss Author