Story of bladder cancer odessy by Rocky

Hi everyone I am trying to update my story so I am sorry ahead of time if I'm not doing it right.
  Well I have been skiing alot trying to stay in shape and waiting to go to my 6 week  check up .And guess what ? when I got there they told me it was the week before !! It's a three and ahalf hour ride to get there. God love my husband he just put his arm around me and said,"don't worry honey I'll bring you back ."     
  went back yesterday, some resident came into scope me first and she really hurt me! She was really ruff and didn't wait for the numbing to work, anyhow the Dr. came in and looked and said it was back. fluffy was back !!!! So I go in on the 21 rst and get it yanked back out!
  I went hiking today for awhile in the rain just to think about what this means and the conclusion I came to was ,' oh well this to shall pass'. I could only walk about 4 miles because the way the resident did the scope, I was still hurting.
  I guess after they do the turb I will know more, like whether it is still ta grade 2. I don't know where this walk in life is going to take me but my prayer is for God to give me the strengh I need for whatever comes along. As long as He loves me I can bear whatever he has for me in this life. Rosemary I think of you as I hike and I pray your walk in life doen't have to many bumps in it. Athough sometimes after climbing a really hard long hill the view from the top is breathtaking!!!
    I read all the post on this site and pray for health and freedom from fear for everyone thats facing this battle in their life. God Bless…
            love from Rocky  P.S. I am still going skiing ,and hiking , and riding.
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