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Hi All
It seems so long since I updated this I thought it was time to add a bit to it.
Life is pretty good I have settled back into work with no real issues but I have decided to stay part time.I am really enjoying the extra time that gives me with the children and I still seem to get tired if I do too much.That might just be age getting to me though or just a normal Mum thing trying to work keep the house tidy cook and run round after three lively kids.
  The last two weeks have been fantastic our friends got married and I had a ball being a bridesmaid.The whole day was fantastic the four of us stayed over at one of the other bridesmaids house and had champagne and strawberries for breakfast then had our hair and makeup done before leaving for the wedding in a limo.The whole day was just one big giggle and so much fun.
  Then there was the holiday to look forward to the gulet cruise was the best really relaxing just messing about on this beautiful boat all day.The children loved it  every morning we would swim before breakfast then sail for a couple of hours before stopping in a beautiful bay for lunch and more swimming.Most afternoons we would stop of in a harbour for a wonder round one of the pretty fishing villages before finding a pretty bay to stop of for the night.Most of us slept on deck it was so beautiful to fall asleep watching the stars and wake up to the sunrise.
  I can honestly say that other than not being able to wear a bikini my urostomy had no effect on my enjoyment.I was jumping of the back of the boat,windsurfing on the canoe and snorkeling with everyone else.I had been careful with my choice of swimsuits and found a couple that were  gathered across my tummy and made sure I emptied the bag frequently.It was great to see even on the photos you cannot see that theres anything different.
Its back to reality now though and next week is my 12 month check up week so everything is crossed that all is OK although I feel so well I cannot imagine there is a problem.I am seeing my gynae this afternoon as things are still not great in that department but to be honest we are learning to live with that.
I just really wanted to say to those who are starting out with treatment or struggling through that it does get better.I could have never believed even three months ago that I would ever feel so 'normal' again.
  Take care love Claire

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