Story so far

Gosh I dont feel like an inspiration or any of the lovely kind things you say.I am just a very scared Mummy
who wants her children to have a normal childhood.I try to keep happy and balanced through this mad time for them and some days I dont know wether I am on my hands or my feet.
  They are all that matters I have to try and stay well we have had carol concerts nativity plays parties and so far I have managed them all sometimes witha sick bag but I have made it being a mother is a wonderful thing.Archie is 3 and a half and has no concept of whats going on he goes to nursery and pre school and we have had two nativity plays and a carol concert.My heart breaks every time I see him on stage.My girls are a bit older and we have had concerts plays pantomime visits etc I just dont want them to have to say Mummy is ill and cant come so I am not and have managed them all so far.Mind over matter is a wonderful thing love to everyone.
Claire xxxxxxxxx

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