Story so far

Every test showed nothing blood levels are still low after chemotherapy and I am still a skinny bald runt but currently I dont have cancer.How cool does that sound.I cant wait to start looking like Kylie (realistically thats not going to happen) but I feel pretty good.My urologist is going to continue seeing me every three months until at least two years due to the likelihood of recurrance being highest until then but he is really chuffed with my progress.
I saw a lovely gynae she was so kind and is going to try and sort my problems in that area out.I have some cream to use for a month then have to go in for a day for want of a more delicate way of putting it to get stretched.If that doesnt work she will think again but promises that she can sort me out.
I just feel as high as a kite we are going to go on holiday next month and it will be fantastic just to relax the two of us together with the children and remember how fantastic life is.
 What is bizarre is how much more I appreciate life than this time last year it sounds hugely coy and gushy and its probably just the emotions of the day but I am a much more rounded person than I was a year ago.
 Claire xxx

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