surgery cancelled

I went in to the hospital today for my radical cystectomy,was all prepped, IV placed in my hand, then the anethesia person came in and told me it was too much of a risk to put me under for so long of a surgery without some more testing because of my emphysema. they said they stress might be too much on my heart and lungs. My family Dr. had cleared me for surgery even with my pulmonary function test showing severe airway obstruction. I have been sooo scared of that and not waking up after surgery. My urologist is getting a cardiologist and lung specialist  to test me further to see if I can handle surgery. On one hand, I was glad not to loose my bladder- on the other hand- the cancer is still there and without the surgery, i may only have a year left. I don't know what happens if my body can't handle the surgery. We had already discussed chemo, and the survival rate for me wasn't very good. I have already had 2 turbt's. I guess I can only wait and see what the further testing shows. I thought I was scared before of surgery- now I am extremely frightened. I do trust my Dr. , I know he will be honest with me on the risks after the new tests. He is hopeing to be able to get me back in for surgery within the next two weeks, he says time is crucial. I guess i'll just have to wait and see.

Linda Troxell Author