16years ago diagnosed with T1 bladder cancer. Some 35 cystoscopies later, it has progressed to T2 and I’m now about to embark on the bladder saving treatment. I’ll update history as I go through this interesting experience.

August 8, 2005. After reviewing options for treatment in Boston (MAss General) or back in the UK (Velindre) decided to return to the UK for treatment.

Started chemo with Gemcitabene/cistoplatin, 3 cycles. Now on second cycle. Effects ok, apart from discomfort passing urine in the week after treatment. White cell count hit hard so dose reduced but no other effects. Waiting for radiotherapy to start in early OCtober.

Nov 8, 2005
Competed chemo with the complication of pneumonia after the 3rd session. That was tough but didn;t delay the start of radiotherapy. 20 daily sessions started on 3 November. Completed 5 so far with no effects yet. Feeling good and positive.

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