TaG3 – 6 of one, how much of the other?

Pathology report for the 2nd TUR just came back; added it to the second post, above.

Rosemary, I was stationed in Camp LeJeune for my first tour in the Marines. Spent a lot of time in San Diego, years later, though. That’s why we’re going back there. The Balboa Naval Medical Center in San Diego is being built up into a "West Coast Bethesda." I’ve consulted with a doctor in their urology department, who also invited me to stop in with my records for a face-to-face opinion during our previously scheduled vacation in San Diego (where our son still lives). However, I’ll now have my treatment in another (also excellent) Naval hospital a little bit north on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base. That’s where my care will be based, and the urology department, which usually only sees active-duty cases, has said it will see me. However, I expect that I will be referred down to the Balboa facility when and where appropriate – Navy medicine is pretty consultative and collaborative that way.

Hoping all is well with you!



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