TCC III-III Muscle invasivehad neobladder surgery

TCC III-III Muscle invasive
had neobladder surgery 2/01/00

Just a short note to everybody who is interested that I was diagnosed in November 99, had blood in urine for several months and in August 99 went to the doctor finally. He eventually sent me to urologist and he made the Dx. I wanted to save the bladder and went to 3 different doctors: Mayo Clinic in Rochester, University of WI (Madison) Clinic and Froedtert Lutheran Hospital-Medical College of WI (Milwaukee).
Finally decided to go for neobladder surgery and had it in Froedtert Hospital on 2/1/00. Now I am at home with one tube still sticking out of my stomack, trying to use my new facilities again… It seems to be a hard battlle…
Kind Regards, Phil (Green Bay)

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