Transitional cell papillary carcinoma of the bladd

Transitional cell papillary carcinoma of the bladder Grade I-II

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 1987 at the age of 39. I had no symptoms other than occasional spotting after urination. This went on for a year. Finally, one day I had tea-colored urine. I ended up going to a urologist at the hospital where I work. I had a cystoscopy and was diagnosed with the bladder cancer. He sent me to the University of Michigan Medical Center where I had to have two TURs one in May 1987 and one in September 1987. My bladder was saved. The tumor had been breaking off and seeding on the floor of the bladder. I also had a six week course of BCG. I had minor recurrences for two years afterwards which was very discouraging. My last recurrence was in April 1989. I have been bladder cancer free for 12 years now. I do have to have yearly cystos, ultrasound of kidneys and retrograde pyelograms. When first diagnosed the tumor was so extensive my original urologist thought I could possibly lose my bladder but I was referred to a great doctor, who also happened to be Associate Professor of Urology at U of M, who told he was going to do all in his power to save my bladder and he did.

SJMalec Author