Trying To Survive Chemo–HELP!

My name is Colleen, I am 50,  and I have been diagnosed with high grade invasive bladder cander.  My first symptom was that I was having a hard time urinating.  An ultrasound indicated I had a mass in my bladder.  They removed it, but it was superficial.  I had one round of BCG, but when they did a cystoscopy, they found another tumor.  This time it was the diagnosis above.  I just recently stumbled on to this blog sight, and I think it will help me survive all that I will have to go through.  Before I have my bladder removed, and, (hopefully), get a neobladder, I am getting 4 rounds of chemotherapy (Cisplatin and Gemzar).  I get them every 21 days, and it is making me immensely sick.  Has anyone out there had this, and what did you do to get through it with your sanity intact?  I have had the first two rounds, and am seriously considering not having the 2nd two. I have been trying to do some research into nausea drugs, but my doctors seem to have me on everything imaginable.  I just can't keep ANYTHING down, and I have been admitted twice to the hospital for dehydration.  I am a teacher, and was looking forward to this year tremendously.  I was hoping I could keep working during chemo, and then be out for the surgery and recooperation time–aboiut 3 months.  Is this realistic???  or……   Any comments or advice would be very much appreciated.