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Hi to everyone in the forum, this is my first post but hopefully will become a diary of my journey through the diagnostic procedures which at the moment point towards my problems maybe being cancer related.

I’m a 28 year old male from England, I already have a pacemaker for heart problems so I am very used to hospitals and diagnostic procedure, that being said I still find myself being scared.

I went to see my doctor a few months back with chronic UTI, after a number of antibiotic courses the problems continued.  My doctor sent a urine sample to cytology and informed me the results showed ‘abnormal cells’ he didn’t give me any further information and I was referred to a consultant who has started further studies, these to date have been:

1. X-Ray – Didn’t show much.
2. Ultrasound – A small abnormal area (about 10mm) was noticed in my left kidney.
3. CT Scan – Confirmed the abnormal area in my kidney and showed another abnormal area at the top of the bladder.
4. Cystocopy, Retrograde Imaging, Bladder Biopsy, and a few others at the same time.

The last set of test were only 24 hours ago so I don’t have any of the results yet, just a bit of discomfort and a level of bleeding that I have found quite worrying. (last night I had to void every 45 mins because my bladder kept filling with blood and clots!!)

Everyone keeps reassuring my that it will turn out to be nothing and I hope dearly that is the case but there is a part of me that I can’t stop worrying. At the moment it is the not knowing part I am finding difficult and also the questions my friends and family keep asking that I don’t have the answers to yet.

I can’t begin to imagine what life is like for the members of this forum who have been diagnosed, I don’t want people to think that I am comparing my situation to someone in that position but I thought that many of the people on this site probably have felt exactly like I do right now and as such may be able to offer some kind words and maybe some advice.

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