What Are My Treatment Options?

 I am a 53 year old female. Very healthy and very fit. I was diagnosed with upper tract bladder cancer in late March 2007 and had a nephrouterectomy a few weeks later in mid-April 2007. The kidney mass was 6 cm, Grade III, with some spread into the adjacent uterter. I was "all-clear" until my one year check-up, when "spots" were discovered in my bladder. Since then I have had an office visit procedure at 15 months with a cysto/fulgration/electrocautery with two small tumors removed, and an outpatient surgery at 18 months with a cysto/fulgration/laser with two more apparently larger tumors removed, one in the urethra. The second surgery came back with a pathology report of Grade III, non-invasive. My suregeon doesn't seem inclinded to do BCG treatments yet. Does this sound right? I don't want to wait until the inevtiable, i.e. spread to invasive, or worse. No where in my medical records is the "Stage" listed. Please help.