What happened to my story on the old storyboard?

I’m wondering where the old storyboard is, my last update to my story (30 November) is half gone, and it shows a limit of 8000 characters and I apparently have used them up.  What goes here, what happened to updating our stories.  I’m not so sure I want to remain a part of something that takes away such a valuable tool as the ability to communicate with many by just updating your story.  I’ve been contacted through my story by numerous persons, and I’m sure if you asked them they’d tell you my sharing my further experiences (ones not on the storyboard) have made their dealing with bladder cancer easier.  They too have given me support when I’ve needed it as well, but these things won’t happen at all or at least as easily as in the past.  Not with this set up as it is, I suppose I’m supposed to cheer now and tell you all how wonderful you are and I’ll try to be strong.  Well I won’t be doing that because I don’t  feel that way, but let me also say this, and that is that normally I am not a negative person.  But I am a person who speaks her mind, and I will tell you when I’m upset.  I will not white wash something just to go along with the crowd.
So what do we do now?

Lou Graham Author