#2 BCG done…..

So, #2 came and went.  Only 4 more weeks to go this round.  Then we'll get a scope and see how things are doing.

 This last one was again, not bad.  The whole ordeal on the table took less than 5 minutes.  Side-affects were different.  There was little cramping this time.  There is now urgency to pee anytime I drink more than 8oz at a time.  The urgency is a 'okay, go now or double over in pain' thing.  I was a little tired, but not bad at all.  Seems I am handling this fairly well.  I passed some blackish matter the day after and again that's probably scab that is still coming off.  I had a fairly large tumor (6cm or so) and I'd figure all that stuff has got to come out eventually.

 Hope everyone's treatments are going well and that everyone is showing good progress.  This seems to be a nearly-forgotten disease that virtually no one knows about.  Folks at my work that have been told didn't even know there was such a thing.

doug gregory Author