#3 BCG. So much for this not being a big deal.

Now let me start by saying that after visiting the oncology ward at UW Madison when my mom was in the palative care unit……..this can't compare to Chemo. 

 1st week was nothing.  Some cramping and passing some stuff.  The catheter was not really painful.  2nd week was a little more difficult.  Didn't have much cramps, but had urgency and passed more stuff.  Then….

Third week.  I asked the Dr. before we began if this (the procedure) was going to get more difficult as we progress.  His response confirmed that after the sixth week I am not going to want to see another catheter.  This time I bled a good bit.  It hurt about as much as the scope (though it was half the size).  I 'felt' the medicine having an affect by the time I got to the my car.  My bladder was doing the spasm thing or something like it.  The 'weird' feelings returned.  I felt nausia off and on all night.  Bending over or in any way compressing my abdomen caused not-so-good sensations.  It hurts to urinate……   Still, in light of what others have been through, RC, or Chemo this really isn't that bad.  I know I am whining, but this isn't pleasant.  I really appreciate all the support I get.



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