3 Month after 1st TURB

I 'm 48 yo female, finally found bladder cancer after had often UTI and hematuria for 3 year. TURBc done on Dec,08 with high grade papillo carcinoma T1 ( none muscle invasive was found).My urologist recommend me to get BCG  course and follow up every 3 mo with cystoscopy,however I decided not to get BCG treatment after reserch alot about pron and corn,mostly scare of getting TB infection.The doctoc told me that cancer cell still left over and may grow in to muscle wall and have to end up with cystectomy. Anyway now 3 mo past, I went to have cystoscopy yesterday ( with another urologist),the good news is he could not find any more tumor.He also send urine exam for cancer to double check which the result will come next app.

I just want to share about my decison not to follow conventional treatment,which don't know if it was right or wrong.Suffering from cancer is enough,I don't want to deal with any side effect from anything els.Because we know that this typh of cancer is high recurrence rate , no mater what we try to do it still come.

After I decide to do so,I change my diet, life style, and take some supplemental that I found in internet.It seem like followwing alternative cancer treatment by myself.Yes , no doctor agree with me and said " you on your own".I believe that only cancer patient themself can treat their cancer.I 'm doing now. 

Nancy3710 Author