I was cautiously optomistic (what other way is there to approach such a thing) that my bladder would be found cancer-free.  When I got to the office, the nurse ushered me into the room for me to disrobe, then left to prepare my sample for testing.  A few seconds later she opened the door just a crack and said, "I am assuming that you are 'Charles Bronson', since his is the only sample that has been left since you came in?…"  <sheepish grin>

I endured this cystoscopy MUCH better than my first; in part because I knew what to expect, in part because the scope is the same diameter as the BCG catheter, and (I believe) in part because the tumor had been right near the entrance to my bladder at the time of the first cystoscopy.  The doctor immediately commented that there was NO scar tissue — that my bladder had healed very well.  After taking quite a bit of time inspecting every square inch of my bladder (at least that's what I THINK took him so long), he declared me completely clean of cancer.

Based on my age, and the fact that my cancer was Ta, he had me schedule my first maintenance treatment for October (WOO HOO!!!), so I have a summer FREE of bladder cancer "stuff".  PRAISE GOD FOR HIS HEALING!!  It is great to have TWO doctors working on my case!

cstockton Author