32 year old female with neobladder

I’m sure it’s possible that it’s just an ovarian cyst…I’ve never had one to my knowledge, but understand they are relatively common and generally nothing to worry much over.  I trust my doctor and know he’s very proactive, so if he was concerned, I know he would have ordered more tests.  I have a visit with him on Friday and will ask more questions about it so I can understand a bit better and ask a few more questions.

Regarding the removal of my ovary – my surgeon indicated that it is standard to remove the uterus, the ovaries, some pelvic lymph nodes and top portion of the vaginal wall during a radical cystectomy -as these are areas BC typically spreads to first.  Since I am in my 30’s, my doctor left one of my ovaries so I wouldn’t be thrust into menopause.  There was no evidence of mets prior to the surgery and if any was found during the surgery, both ovaries would have likely been removed.

Well it’s off to bed!  It’s getting late and we have a big day planned tomorrow.  We are attending the American Heart Association annual heartwalk.  Our four year old, Jack, had a congenital heart defect that was surgically corrected when he was 14 months old.  He’s fine now – all that he has is a case of orneriness!  Take care, Angela

Angela Author