35 years old with single T1G3

35 years old, dipped Kodiak snuff (tobacco) for ~20 years – probably the cause.

So, I am learning quickly.. a week and a half ago March 1st, 2006, just started urinating blood out of the blue at work (Gross Hematuria), went to my overworked HMO GP and they diagnosed me with a probable UTI and sent me away with a prescription for antibiotics and told me to check back in 2 weeks.  So, Monday March 4th, 2006 I went back to the GP and said my Gross Hematuria (with clotting) was still real bad and that the antibiotics were not working, they made an appointment the same day for me to get checked out by a Urologist.  I had my first cystoscopy the following day (3/5/06), which was relatively traumatic, but didn’t last too long.  Actually it hurt more urinating for a day or so afterwards than the actual procedure.  Doc says the tumor looks superficial and figures it is a TaG1.. no big deal.  So, on 3/6/06 I had second cystoscopy and transurethral resection of the bladder (TURB) and the pathologist report indicates on 3/10/06 that the tumor was actually a T1 with characteristics of a G2-3.  We are going to talk this Wednesday 3/15/06 about treatment options, I think BCG.

So, my journey is just beginning.  I am lucky I have excellent medical coverage and a supportive wife and kids for whatever may happen.

Good thing is that as of 3/01/06 I [b]completely lost [/b]all desire to ever use another tobacco product.

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