5 years treating for overactive bladder; and t

It is now the end of March 2006 and I have been getting my chemo (gemzar and cisplatin) treatment since the beginning of February. The oncologist would like 16 sessions of chemo; however, my blood count – both white and red and now platelets – has caused postponement on at least 2 occasions. My oncologist gave me neupagen which worked very well to stimulate cell growth. But my platelets are very low – 35 but doubled to almost 70 last week which pleased the oncologist.

Hopefully, tomorrow, Wednesday, my blood count will be okay to have a 3 hour chemo session of the 2 drugs.

Have not had much side affects – still have my hair (both of them as my wife likes to say) but eyebrows etc. are still with me. Have not lost weight; and have a good appetite.

After the chemo is finished – a complete body scan will be done to see if any tumors are present. If all is clear, a decision will be made about bladder removal. I am leaning to having an ostomy rather than the neobladder.

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