5 years treating for overactive bladder; and then

5 years treating for overactive bladder; and then October 2005 Bladder Cancer; grade 3; stage T-1; multi-focal

I was being treated for over-active bladder for about five years by a urologist.

The weekend of 9/23/05 I noticed blood in my urine; I immediately phoned my urologist who saw me in his office that Tuesday. On 9/27/05 did a scope of the inside of my bladder that showed a tumor about the size of a cherry and other inflammed areas.

The urologist had been treating me for an “over active bladder” and slightly enlarged prostate for about five (5) years. He had tried different medications like ditropan; oxybutin; flomax; terasozin since he thought my urgency to urinate and inability to hold my urine was due to my over-active bladder and prostate.

The medications did not help and caused side effects of dry mouth and I would not sweat at the gym, and there was no improvement of my symptoms. Finally last spring I declined to use any more medication since the results were minimal and side affects of dry mouth; no sweating etc. were bothersome. The urologist wanted me to try a new medication but I declined and he said to come back in a year. He had never used a scope to view the inside of my bladder until that Tuesday morning when he diagnosed bladder cancer.

On October 7, 2005 I had a chest x-ray and cat scan performed.

A “TUR” (transurethral resection) surgery was scheduled for October 17, 2005. The pathology report showed high grade invasive cancer cells; the pathologist noted that not enough muscle tissue was obtained to see how deep the roots had gone.

A cat-scan and x-ray showed no other tumors in my body.

A second opinion by Dr. Vincent Laudone at Hartford Hospital was gotten. He scheduled me for another biopsy on November 2, 2005. The findings: prostatic urethra biopsy: invasive high-grade urothelial carcinoma (Grade 3 of 3) no definite lymphovascular invasion seen; no muscularis propria present.

Dr. Laudone recommended removal of the bladder, prostate and lymph nodes. Surgery will be scheduled within a month I think.

My decision now is whether to have an ostomy with an external bag to hold urine; or opt for the neo-bladder surgery which Dr. Laudone would perform.

Other than the blood in my urine, I feel fine; my appetite is good.

I will post an update after my surgery either before the holidays or right after.

JANUARY 16, 2006
I was scheduled for a neo-bladder operation at Hartford Hospital. I was informed it would be a 7 – 9 hour operation. The surgery started at 7:45 am.

I came out of anesthesia at noon and I knew something was wrong.

I asked the nurse in the recovery room and she said to talk to my doctor. I requested to see him and within 30 minutes he showed up in the recovery room. He informed me that they found cancer cells in my lymph nodes and a decision had to be made whether to continue the surgery or end it now which would mean less recovery time and I could start chemotherapy sooner.

I have an appointment on February 1st to meet with Dr. Mark Dailey, Oncologist, at the Harry Gray Cancer Center in Hartford CT. We will discuss strategy to be used on my chemo treatment.

It seems that life always throws those surprise curve balls.

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