50 year old newly diagnosed

[quote]My husband was diagnosed in Feburary after having found a large amount of blood in his urine.  He went to the emergency room in our small town.  They didn’t even examine him, just took a urine sample and said it was a urinary tract infection.  Went to the urologist the following Tue. Had a CT scan.  He has had a cyctoscopy and was at T2, grade 3 according to pathology report.  Doctor wanted him to have a partial cyctectomy.  Had this done March 10.  Went back on March 20 to get catheder out.  Doctor told him cancer is now thru the bladder.  Staged at T3, grade 3.  Told him he didn’t know what else he could do for him.  Sent him to a oncologist.  Is having a PET scan today and starts chemo on Friday.  It seems that in the beginning the doctor was doing everything in order by what I have read.  Now not sure now why he just sent him to the oncologist.  No mention of more surgery to remove the bladder.  It seems like they are not telling us something. [/quote]

howard Author