86 year old with bladder Ca.

86 year old with bladder Ca.

My mother’s first cystoscopy–this week–revealed over 12 tumors in her bladder. The Dr. clearly and openly indicated that he was sure that they are malignant. He commented on how old and fragmented some of them looked. He’s scheduled a TUR for her in two weeks.

She has a pronounced personality disorder (Not Alhz) and can be argumentative and very difficult for people to deal with–she’s been downplaying these symptoms but in general has been stoic about past health problems, pain, etc. to the point of masochism during my whole life experience with her. It’s a very sad situation as she is not the easiest person to help or talk with logically. Of course, she’s terrified–which isn’t surprising given what we all saw on the screen last Thursday.

She’s a Kaiser patient and hates their system which doesn’t make the situation any better at this point. Frankly, I do think that Kaiser has to assume some blame in delaying investigation and diagnosis

I’m the only daughter–caregiver–and while Doris is living in a nearby retirement center apartment complex so has many of her needs taken care of (meals, housekeeping) I am putting out this posting hoping that some other son or daughter has perspective to share. I’ll keep this updated as her Dx becomes more defined. Thank you
(a former RN who did home health and hospice care)

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