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Bladder cancer treatment information, support and resources

Any cancer diagnosis creates a critical crossroad in life. The goal of this bladder cancer specific website is to help you find answers, relieve some of the fear, reinforce hope and to help you or your loved one find the best path on a difficult journey.

Please note that this site has not been updated since 2015. Although most information on these pages is still valid, some will be outdated, and there are newer protocols available today. However, thanks to the contrubutions of our readers these pages still provide a wealth of information for bladder cancer patients.

I personally recommend this website to all my patients with bladder cancer.Endorsements and recognition for WebCafé

What’s inside?

  • Members share their experiences through their blogs. This was started back in 1999 as our Storyboard.
  • Check out our survivor Art Gallery.
  • Treatment options, latest research and resources for non muscle invasive, muscle invasive, upper tract and advanced bladder cancer.
  • Facing surgery? Advice for neobladder, continent reservoirs and ostomy recipients in our extensive ‘cystectomy’ section.
  • Patient created ‘survival guides’.
  • Tales from the Trenches – Survivor stories; some happy, some less so, all real.
  • Join our affilated email discussion group, hosted by ACOR– May,2007: Research published, “How Cancer Survivors Provide Support on Cancer-Related Internet Mailing Lists“: http://www.jmir.org/2007/2/e12

For help with abbreviations and a glossary of common terms, go here