A tale from Britain

I have just undergone a major procedure which resulted in mysecond bladder reconstruction,i wasdiagnosed with bladder cancer in decemer at Bradford BRIwest Yorkshire ,the most amazing place to be treated  – I tell you.

The orginal bladder reconsrutction occurred in 1999after my stoma after 32years of service simply failed .

Iam only38 now.

What  iam saying is that yo ucan live with this conditon and i have lead awonderful life but being toldyou have the big "C" was a bit of abind and i thought here we go agin,wasacase of buy on bladder get one free.

Myward was full of eldery genlemen worrying about  stomas and i had to say i was the expert and you wll be fine .But i cant find any one who  has had a lifetime of this " stuff" and it goes on. Britian is a wonderfull country anddo not knok the NHSit is free and100% dedicated to the patient .  Ithinkmanyof you rreading thiswill be from across the pond  i wish you well.  
Once i went to a stoma support group and they thought  i wasthe visitng surgeon which  i though was rather amusing .
I have neve been on a forum before and never really shared this part of mylife but do reply , life can return to normall and  i should know

George – Yorkshire ,England  

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