About the risks for getting bladder cancer…

:oI was just wondering who else out there is very low risk for having ever even gotten this cancer…(BUT HAVE IT ANYWAY).

I mean how low risk can you get…

Non smoking
Never worked around textiles or cleaning agents..
Don’t even eat meat (especially not cured meat)
54 years old.

I  have two aunts.  One is 90 and she still smokes a pack a day.  SHE doesn’t have bladder cancer.

My other aunt owned a cleaner’s for 50 years.  She passed recentlyat 86,  but NOT of bladder cancer.

Is anyone else baffled by this?  My Doc doesn’t even want to discuss it… it’s like…"You got it, now let’s deal with it."  Of course, he’s right..

Rosemary Author