aggressive grade 4,

aggressive grade 4,

Hello Everyone,

My husband Jack was diagnosed with grade 4 bladder cancer 3 weeks ago. CAT & bone scan have
come back negative. This web-site has been a great source of information and inspiration.
Thank you to all who have shared your experiences!
This whole situation is so new to us (still trying to dicipher all the abbreviations & terms etc.)
If anyone would care to share advise, I would be very glad to hear from you.

Thank you & keep up your spirits,


Update: Radical cystectomy on 4/29/03. Surgery was 7 hours & stoma/ileal conduit was the choice over other alternatives. Pathology reports came back, turns out prostate cancer was also present, lympnodes all clear. Surgery and hospital stay was uneventful other than BP which went to 215/105 due to a medication given. Recovery is slow but steady, each day it gets easier.

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