Young People

"Bladder Cancer is Not Just For Old Folks Anymore" Discussions shared between members of our bladder cancer email list

Al, Kelly and Donnaf

Al Lewis
I was diagnosed at 45, n/s, non-chemical-worker. I believe it was due to my having grown a raised vegetable garden bordered by pressure-treated wood. They say that’s a 20-year incubation period and I got diagnosed 20 years after my last tomato.

I guess I could be one of your young age group. When I was diagnosed last July I was 38 yrs old. I had A radical cystectomy in August. I have at the present time a neo-Bladder but it is not working like it should so I am looking into other options. Still not sure what I am gonna do. I also am looking at a blood Transfusion in about a week because my levels are low.If you want me to answer anything else please I would be willing to share anything to help others with this.

I am still having problems with incontinence and it is only getting worse. Had my surgery on August 24 2004. so that makes me 5 mo post op. They are talking about doing the one were I will have a stoma but will cath myself 4 to 8 times a day. Right now I don’t know what I should do but ANYTHING has to be better than being wet all day and night. They also said something about the bag on the outside but I don’t think I would like that cause I like to wear jeans all the time. Anyone that has either of these please let me know how they are working for you.

I was diagnosed at age 44. I am female non smoker, not living with smokers,etc. I do have a pressure treated deck on this house where we have lived for 10years. I have non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer. I have had 4 surgeries at this point and I had bcg treatment between surgeries 2 and 3. Bcg didn’t bother me but I always to this day have a twinge of discomfort on my left side where the original largest tumor was taken out.I keep up with all my dr. visits, gyno, uro and internist. I have had 3 ct scans and all were fine. I also have some discomfort above the pubic bone but drs say that all is fine. I don’t know why this is but know I am not crazy
My last recurrence was 1 1/2 years ago. I still have never made it to the 2 year mark