Any suggestions


Hello, I am new to this so please bear with me.  I am 50 yo single mom of 2 who recently had my bladder removed due to BC.  I have an ileal conduit and seem to be adjusting to it just fine.  My TNM stage is T3BN0M0.  The BC went into the fat of my bladder so chemo is recommended for me.  I had my first treatment on Monday of this week.  I was given cisplatin and gemszar.  So far I feel ok with minor nausea.  I am tired considering I just went back to work as well.  It has been a very difficult journey for me to get to this point because of other factors in my life that have interferred with getting my proper diagnosis.  This makes me sad because I feel I may not have had to have an ileal condiut put in if I was able to have surgery sooner.  That is my biggest issue right now.  I feel I can not get past getting my diagnosis made sooner.  My doctor thought it was other issues and I love her, but we were both wrong in waiting to get a CAT scan right away.  What can I do to get past this?  Any suggestions?

Susan Author