Atyp Bladder/Vaginal Clear Cell Cancer cT4N2M0

Update – 4/13/06

1) got the final path reports back… a total of 6 lymph nodes were metastasized, 4 microscopically, out of the 25 resected from the pelvic and abdominal areas.  all margins were good.

2) A FDG-PET scan is slated for next week, and if that is clear, then chemo (Taxol and CarboPlatin) will commence for 6 3 week cycles, and if that goes well, then 5 weeks of radiation therapy on the remaining lymph nodes in the groin and pelvis.

3) while the bladder was the primary impacted organ, they’ve classified this as mullerian (gynecological) in histology.  

Otherwise, she’s doing well.  The site where they harvested the V-RAM flap developed an uninfected absess, which required a suction drain, but this is a minor complication.   The urostomy is going well, and most of the pelvic pain is going away.  She’s walking about 1/4 mile a day and has been out in the garden enjoying the sun and her perennials.

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