I was cautiously optomistic (what other way is there to approach such a thing) that my bladder would be found cancer-free.  When I got to the office, the nurse ushered me into the room for me to disrobe, then left to prepare my sample for testing.  A few seconds later she opened the door just […]


In the weeks after the initial treatment, my bladder has settled down, and there is little (if any) discomfort in urination.  I have found, however, that it takes more patience to fully drain my bladder — concentrated relaxation of those muscles, and a little coaxing (you may be the only folks who can relate).  I […]

BCG: Initial Treatment – 5th & 6th instillments

The fifth and sixth instillments went much like the fourth.  This has become very routine now, though it still puts me out for a day due mostly to the flu-like symptoms and the need for a dedicated bathroom.  Resting on the day of the treatment has helped me to recover fully, more quickly.

BCG: Initial Treatment – 4th instillment

The fourth instillment was very smooth.  I did a couple things differently.  First, I asked the nurse if I could lie on my stomach for a few minutes before leaving the office (to try and get the BCG up into the "bubble" area in my bladder early).  Once home, I followed my usual routine, but […]

BCG: Initial Treatment – 3rd instillment

During the third instillment, I started to "loosen up" during the office visit.  As the nurse reached down to wash me off, I jumped just a bit and cried "OUCH!!"  After being started, she laughed, almost as hard as I did.  It took a bit for me to prepare myself for the treatment, but it […]

BCG: Initial Treatment – 2nd instillment

My wife joins me in the room while I have my instillments, and she has been wonderful in reminding me to breath (funny how you forget that part when someone is shoving a tube up your penis, and through your tightly clenched sphincter).  This has also helped me discover a couple of tricks to reducing […]

BCG: Initial Treatment – 1st instillment

The first instillation of BCG went well. After reading all the information on the BLCWebCafe, I took NO food or drink for a couple hours before, then made sure to drink plenty of water afterward (over 8 ounces each hour). Later in the day I began to feel feverish (without an actual fever), and a […]


When I went to hear the diagnosis from the doctor, my wife and my mother (20-yr RN in oncology) came along.  I was prepared for anything, but hoping for the best.  It turned out that I had a Ta tumor, low-grade and early-stage.  The tumor was completely removed, and the tissue samples from the bladder […]


I have the attitude that "if I can't change the current situation, I'm going to find a way to enjoy the journey." My wife's motto is, "If your NOT living on the edge, then you are taking up too much room." Combined, we tend to have a lot of fun with life. Of course I […]


My GP was unavailable, so I saw one of the other doctors from her practice.  He took blood and urine samples, and though he saw discoloration, there was NO indication of blood in the urine at the time of my visit.  He consulted with a urologist, and determined that it could have been the niproxin […]