Reply To Comments From the UK

Dear Dan,   I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in August 2005, grade 2 stage 3 – multifocal but MRI showed no visible metasteses. My urologist suggested cystectomy but gave me a couple of websites to look at  – knowing I would trawl the net anyway he wanted me to see the best sites available. […]

Ist of 3 chemo rounds completed

I completed my first three treatments of chemotherapy.  I was given two Gemzar treatments and one Cisplatin.  All in all not too bad, although the Cisplatin is a real ass kicker.  I am comforted that we are attacking the cancer and putting up a fight.  Side effects for me have been:  nausea (although controlled by […]

Starting CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Feeling more depressed about the uncertainty and fear about RC they ((Mayo Clinic) are highly recommending to cure the cancer.  I have started to investigate every other alternative to RC and chemo, and cannot find anything other than changing my diet and getting on a very strict nutrition plan.  I have spent a couple hours […]

Chemo Strarting, RC Postponed

The saga continues, this week when a panel of physicians at the Mayo phoenix, reviewed my case at the Monday morning conference and have recommended the postpone of the RC surgery and to start a 9 week course of chemo alternating Cisplatin and Gemzar to kill any hidden cancer cells.  Evidently they believe that grade […]

Newly Diagnost in Phx

Wow, a whole new world!!!!  This past week i was diagonost at Mayo Phx with BC after a week of extensive bleeding and trips in a out of ER with plugged penis with blood clots.  after surgery on Saturday, and a few days of waiting I was informed that I had one large tumor removed […]