one year and clear

Just had a bilateral retrograde pyelogram at one year mark due to location of original cancer site.  Had the usual cysto every 3 months and those were clear. This was 100 % clear according to physician and am so thankful.  This may be a bit more than most would have for a low level stage, […]

Thanks Whitlo –

Thanks whitlo – I have full intentions of following the plan which is after this retrograde surgery, if all is well, drop back to in office cystoscopes once every 4 months for a year and then once every 6 months, etc.  if things remain clear.  Good luck to you.

Thanks, Pat….follow-up one year past iinitial surgery

Thanks Pat, for your reassurance that I am being treated as aggressively as possible given my Ta, non-invasive diagnosis.  I believe my uro will do a retrograde pyelogram during this second cysto under anesthesia (due to the location of the initial tumor) to also make certain there is nothing else to be concerned about prior […]

Follow up – should I be concerned at one year mark?

I am new to this website as I found it recently while reviewing the past year.  In Jan. 09 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer via cystoscopy after blood in my urine.  I had surgery in early February TURB with stent into left urethra due to location.  Have had clean cystoscopies at 3 month intervals for […]