Studer Diversion Concern

Scheduled for Studer Diversion on March 17.  Really having a difficult time wondering how long to daytime continence.    Can anyone share there experience?  Thanks, Rick Hawkes Victoria BC

Decision Made… Surgery not BCG

Decided on RC… will be scheduled in next 10 days… really happy with this decision… 97% chance of full control once learned how… Excellent prognosis for 5 year cancer free…  3 – 4 weeks in hospital… 4 months to full recovery… Rick  

BCG or surgery… Confused and on short time to decide…

The long and the short of it is I have had recurring non invasive for 9 years… suddenly very invasive.  Apparently my last biopsy was clear except an unknown area in my lower ureter.  Offered 6 weeks of BCG with a scoping in 10 weeks with a chance at reducing recurrence to 25% from 50% […]

Scared Newbee awaiting surgery…

Not sure how this works… Waiting for removal of bladder and prostate… would really like to connect with others in similar circumstance and those that have been down this road before me.  Thanks.  Rick  Victoria BC Canada